The last time we talked about Cape Breton band, Mardeen, it was to celebrate the release of a much delayed album. The band was a scrappy combination of anthems and bar rock, but kind of like Keyser Söze, they just disappeared into the sunset (or, at least from a regular slot at The Seahorse).

In a time when bands release EPs, demos, singles, cassettes and full lengths on an almost monthly basis, taking four years off is basically like a retirement. Truth be told, I completely forgot about the band.

Well, you might as well hand these cats a #45 jersey, because like Jordan they are making a triumphant return. After holing up in The Confidence Lodge with Diego Medina, we are getting the first sneak peak of the results. The band shared the nicely shot video - an acoustic take on “Billy” - on their FB a few days ago, but I’m more excited by the energy and and big chorus of “Oh Dad.” (making its Interwebs premier on the hill - #humblebrag)

The song documents the loss of a father, but Mardeen does a great job of paying tribute without dragging the listener down into the heartache and sorrow. The riff bounces along nicely and offsets thoughts of death, unmet expectations and missed chances to say goodbye. Mardeen always seemed plagued by bad luck and bad timing, but hopefully the rest of the upcoming LP delivers on the promise of these two songs and the band can build a solid collection of songs into a more stable career.

Oh Dad by mardeen

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