It’s almost impossible to talk about Vancouver mope poppers Mode Moderne without citing tried and true influences. The easy sounds like - Joy Division, The Smiths, New Order - all fit, but that’s more about how MM delights the listener with the same blissful melancholy those bands created so well than potential legacy.

There’s a reason why people love Morrissey and Marr, and write Ian Curtis lyrics in their yearbook. The currency of sadness and nostalgia become more valuable over time and it’s hard not to push our memories into expectations and saddle MM with the weight of our awkward angst and teenage crushes. Whether or not this Vancouver band has the chops to keep writing these gems that warrant the high praise, I don’t know, but I know about 100 people I would happily send this EP to and that is something I can’t say about many bands.

Often times bloggers fancy themselves (guilty) to be some sort of musical Drägerman, valiantly trying to free shimmering melodies from the crumbled rubble that is indie rock, but to be honest, Strange Bruises connect instantly. This EP is twenty-four minutes of new wave, postpunk goodness. The songs, the production; both are just right and if Goth night is still a thing, well, we’ve found the new soundtrack. If not, my friend Liz can sneak these songs onto her New Wave brunch playlist and NO ONE would be the wiser.

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MP3:: Mode Moderne - Nightly Youths