You don’t have to tell me, I can tell by the sweet smell of premium Alberta Vodka emanating from your general direction that your Wednesday is dragging. Well, good news! I have a non-alcoholic way (you’re like, “what, no booze? I though you said good news?!?!” haha, Oh you. Your insatiable thirst for liquor will be the death of you!) to make the rest of your day speed by.

URBNET’s latest compilation effort, Certified Vol. 2, is once again full to bursting with up-and-coming Canadian hip hop talent, and it’s led off by the one and only D-Sisive who has already upped-and-came, or, ahhh, something that doesn’t sound horrible.

I have no idea if this was actually the idea or stated focus of this comp, but it seems the focus of this time out is on a more future-facing, electronic-influenced hip hop sound, as this seems to be the case on most of the songs - including the 4 or 5 instrumental tracks that make up the record’s middle portion. These excellent instrumental offerings, from folks like Keys N Krates, Jesse Futerman, and Halifax’s own Ryan Hemsworth serve as a fine backbone for some of the other interesting tunes, like DJ Catalist’s Kae-Sun-featuring We Changed, the smooth Stay Me from Perfeck Strangers, and the intriguing YO! from the duo of knamelis & SUP?83, otherwise known as MART!N McFLY.

You can sample some of the goods below, but I’d go get a copy of this one for yourself, pronto.

Video:: MART!N McFLY - YO!