This record fucking slays.”

If you scan the comments of the Exclaim stream of the new White Lung LP, the world seems to finally be in consensus. We live in a time where no one agrees on anything, so realization that even anonymous Internet haters won’t hate on the songs is a testament to the crater like impact the Vancouver quartet makes on the Canadian punk scene and how good Sorry really is.

The LP explodes out of the blocks and doesn’t stop until the last note. Although a tip of the cap for channeling both the 90′s Riot grrrl and UK post-punk sound is well-earned, it’s also a bit of a backhanded compliment. White Lung plays with an urgency and complexity that deserves better than a throwaway simple sounds-like. Simply put, this Vancouver quartet is as exciting as any band in the Canadian punk scene.

The band still relies on huge, bold guitar work, Mish Way’s vocals (although, she shows a more expansive range) and a rhythm section that delivers body shots like Julio Cesar Chavez, but Sorry changes things up just enough to keep listeners on the edge of their seat without losing any of the raw power and attitude that made White Lung a force to be reckoned with. The shift is subtle; improved production and attention to melody help the band and the surprising harmonies of “St. Dad” and the infectious melody of “Bag” are just two examples of many sonic risks White Lung make this time around.

Sure, some tempo shifts would help the record, but when you are given 19-minutes of massive rawk songs, asking for more seems like complaining about being fed too well or being given too big a raise. White Lung is heading East, and will quite possibly burn The Bus Stop Theatre to the ground on July 2nd. Be warned.

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MP3:: White Lung - Glue