The Magic is a Guelph-based duo comprised of the brothers Gordon - Geordie and Evan. They make blissful, extremely catchy electronic pop music that makes me think good thoughts about Disco.

They have a new album coming out next week on Half Machine records, and in preparation for it they’ve done something extremely wise in seeking out the multi-talented Sandro Perri to remix Mr. Hollywood. The strings-and-saxified original is suitably slinky, as one might expect for a song about the “double lives of closeted gay actors, such as Rock Hudson and Carey Grant”, but the remix gives the song a shuffling, burbling quality that seems to make it a bit more ominous.

Both versions are great, and I also enjoy the other album cut I found, Door to Door, so it seems wise to keep an ear out for their album (entitled Ragged Gold) when it drops. Enjoy the goods below.