Hey there friend. Tell me, do you enjoy rap music, comic books, baseball or Star Wars? If you enjoy any of those things, I think I have an album you might enjoy. If you like all of those things, there’s really no way you aren’t going to lose your shit when you hear 3RDBURGLAR, the new album from Toronto MC Wordburglar.

Halifax native SJ The Wordburglar has been on the hill’s radar for ages - in fact we even interviewed him back in 2006 after first hearing some of his songs and being intrigued by his references to Donairs, Mr. T and Blue Nuit (amongst many, many others). Of course we’ve followed SJ’s career in the years since, mainly because he’s a talented MC, but also because if you asked me to name a Canadian MC guaranteed to put a smile on your face, I’d be hard-pressed to name someone other than the Wordburglar. I mean, how many other MC’s do you know with a super-dope jam named after a French sandwich? Well after you pump Croque Monsieur you’ll at least know one. And 3RDBURGLAR is full of such songs from top to bottom - that’s why I got such a kick out of these 14 Fun Facts about the album that ‘Burg and the folks from Hand’Solo sent out with the albums press. A few highlights:

- The album art is drawn by Mike Holmes and was inspired by a combination of Jean Moebius Giraud (RIP), Tintin & Super Mario Bros.

- “Croque Monsieur” is a delicious fried ham, egg & cheese sandwich, and when translated from French means “Mr. Crunch”.

- To be sufficiently suffonsified means that all your needs have been met.

- A hoojib is a telepathic bunny alien that has long been ignored by George Lucas and the Star Wars universe in general.

- Masta Ace & Kool Keith are two of my favourite rappers of all-time and we sampled them both on the cut chorus for “Drawings withWords”.

- Foofaraw may be the first song to ever reference Mekanek and Ovechkin in the same verse.

Tell me you don’t want to hear an album that refs such a varied collection of topics? I mean, the volume of pop culture refs and one-liners on Sufficiently Suffonsified alone (“back to cool stuff, like sports bloopers, and Star Wars, when Luke and Han are Storm Troopers”) would make the average nerdcore rapper blush. It’s not all comic book & star wars silliness on the album though, as SJ gets serious from time to time, like on the honest break-up song Point of Departure and in Steady and Stable it has one of the best posse cuts I’ve heard in a while.

Bottom line, this record is just a really fun listen - hip hop to make you smile whilst you bob your head, and what’s really better than that at the end of the day? There are vocal treats aplenty (from SJ himself, and the guest features from his typically reliable Backburner crew-mates) that’ll have you discovering a new gem each time you pump it through your headphones, and with really great production from folks like Fresh Kils, Beatmason, Timbuktu & Uncle Fes (who also handled the majority of the cuts on the album) it’ll sound just as good boomin’ through your speakers. You can sample the goods below, but I suggest you snag a copy of this for yourself.