My goodness, the Soul Rebels. Coming off our extended Canada Day long weekend, I was planning to kick off some coverage of this year’s Halifax Jazz Festival (which starts Thursday) with a post on one of the shows I was most looking forward to (Deltron 3030/Maestro/Skratch Bastid or Charles Bradley anyone?), but those plans got derailed once I read an email I somehow got sent about the Soul Rebels, an amazing 8 piece brass band from New Orleans.

I mean, just look at the video below of them doing their version of Sweet Dreams live on Jools Holland in the UK. If you don’t think they will be amazing under the main festival tent down by the water, I don’t know what to tell you. The band has been building an impressive resume over the last two years, performing with the likes of Metallica, Galactic & Cee-Lo, touring Europe, knocking ‘em dead at Bonaroo as well as being featured on NBC’s coverage for the 2011 home opener of their hometown (and my much-loved) Saints. These guys are building a bigtime rep, so I’d expect Halifax to be out in force to live up to our rep as a bigtime party town. You can check out a stream of the band’s debut album here, and check their site for more vids of the band.