Hey everyone… as most people know I’m involved in the Ride To Conquer Cancer and trying to raise as much money as possible. I’ve asked you all a few times, the ole something for nothing technique, but now that’s about to change. Thanks to the fantastic people we’ve met through the years of blog service, we are cobbling together some cool prizes that might just float your boat.

That being said, if you just want to donate, I would be grateful. You can read about why I’m riding on my donation page.

So.. The first HUGE prize we are giving away? The homie, Joel Plaskett - ww.joelplaskett.com - is a Canadian icon, and he and the New Scotland team are helping out by donating the most generous prize I could imagine. A complete New Scotland catalog - autographed by Joel when he is involved - on both CD and VINYL when it is available. If you don’t want to miss out on this huge prize, well, maybe you hit us up with a bid that ends negotiations before they start!

Big thanks to Joel and the entire NS team.

To enter, just leave your name and email AND YOUR BID in the comments section. We are going to run this bad boy until Sept. 15th. At that point, the winner takes the booty and impresses their friends with a fantastic music library. Oh, and we give lots of cash to help crush cancer.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

Thrush Hermit 8-disc box set
Joel’s catalogue on CD *
Joel’s catalogue on LP *
New Scotland 7″ Vinyl Singles Series #
Make a Little Noise DVD
Steve Poltz - Dreamhouse (CD and LP)
Peter Elkas - Repeat Offender (CD and LP)
Al Tuck - Under Your Shadow (CD)
Dave Marsh - True Love Rules (CD)
Big Sugar - Revolution Per Minute (double LP)

* In Need of Medical Attention, Down at the Khyber, Truthfully Truthfully w/Make a Little Noise, La De Da, Ashtray Rock, Three, EMERGENCYs (LP only w/CD), and Scrappy Happiness.

# 7″ singles by artists Joel Plaskett, Peter Elkas, Ana Egge, Matthew Grimson, Shotgun Jimmie, Yellow Jacket Avenger, Tyler Messick, Myles Deck & the Fuzz, Ben Gunning, David Myles, Jeremy Fisher, and Mo Kenney.