For a brief moment, let’s forget that the king of pop passed away thanks to a healthy amount of drugs and a doctor that could have been written into a soap opera and focus on the fact that in 1983 Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson filmed a video that starts with MJ arm wrestling a huge cat after drinking Mac & Jack’s strongman tonic.

The video is fantastic, with a Latoya cameo, Paul counting benjamins like a boss and a bromance that will stand the test of time. Fuck me, the 80′s ruled.

Video aside, “Say Say Say” is a fantastic song. Without any hint of irony or nostalgia, if people play this song at weddings, 80′s nights or really, any function that allows for dancing, and I will white guy, awkward groove the hell out of the song.

The original is untoppable in my humble opinion, but hearing that Mark Hamilton opted to offer a morose take on this classic for a tour only LP was intriguing to say the least. With the help of Louise and the Pins, Mark turns the pop masterpiece into a dark, gently picked affair. Mark and Louise trade vocals, and the sadness of their straight forward melody swirls around the heartfelt lyrics and gives the song a more realistic weight.

I have no idea if they did a frame by frame recreation of the video, but let’s hope we get to see it when Woodpigeon opens for Patrick Wolf on September 25th.