It’d been quite some time since we’d heard anything from Hamilton troublemakers The Dirty Nil. We posted their debut single Fuckin’ Up Young last year, but outside of an appearance on The Teenage Kicks single series tribute to Levon Helm, there’d been no new music from the Nil. Why the delay in putting out something new? In the band’s own words:

The delay was caused by drinking, playing shows, shooting guns, blowing shit up, breaking limbs, recording, skating, fireworks, drinking, eating french fries, forgetting things, movies, fighting each other, rock n roll, going to shows, and drinking.

As a oldster and a dad, I can’t approve of most of that - on the record at least, my kids will be learning to read any day now, but I can, and do, approve of the band’s 4 song Summer Mixtape. You can grab it for free until the end of September, after which it will be “gone forever”. So get it. Fuckin’ Up Young makes its return here, along with a couple more punishing numbers with festive titles like Bruto Bloody Bruto & Panzer, and they even dial it down ever so slightly on the 90s-esque Cinnamon. If you enjoy your guitars cranked to the giga-watts, shout along choruses and just general all-around debauchery, this one’s for for.