Last night, I was tethered to the television watching the gradual decay of society from a cultural and political point of view.

My frustration at seeing the state of current pop music, a seemingly endless collection of mush mouthed rappers and sames-y sounding radio anthems, was only heightened by the overwhelming sadness that the election that determines the fate of our Southern neighbours is being decided on issues that seem so fundamental to the human existence that they should have been put to bed decades ago.

Although the word took on more weight and unfortunately a hint of cliche four years ago, it became obvious that what we need of right now is hope. Hope that the world isn’t really as fucked up as increasing debt, leaders that don’t appear to care about the land or the people they govern, or BODY PARTS IN LAKE ONTARIO would indicate.

Hope that the naive notion that love is the most important thing in the world and if we find that, we’ll allbe okay. Hope that simple rock n’ roll songs full of jangly guitar and harmonies about holding hands can win out over hate filled rhymes of rape or vindictive break ups.

Couriers, a TO based rock band that has roots in the most remote areas of Canada, offers that hope. Garage rock riffs, ’60s era slow dances and punchy sing-along choruses all help the quintet showcase a refreshingly simplified worldview. It’s one that cynics might dismiss, but one I truly believe in.

“Forget on the bad times, and just focus on the good.”

It might not fit on a poster and didn’t required a speech writer to come up with, but silver linings are rapidly becoming the only currency of value. Maybe it’s because every day I read something terrible that should shock me and sadly doesn’t, or maybe it’s because this weekend is my 6th anniversary and I get to celebrate the day that everything started being easier, but for four-minutes, the hail storm of guitars, crashing drums and harmonies that soar so close to the sun you fear the homemade wings might burn up, Couriers help us forget. They help us breath easy and help us go on.

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MP3:: Couriers - Lies