What, it’s September already? Well based on the speed in which I get posts up these days, I’d better start crackin’ on my “Records I Missed in 2012″ posts if I’m to get any of them up. The first of these is Hearts from Winnipeg’s Rob Crooks.

I’ve had this album on my phone for months, and every time a song would come on I’d be like “man, I like this, I need to post this”, and yet it’s September and I’m only just getting around to it. Well obviously I suck, but this EP is the opposite of suck.

I’d recognized Rob’s name because he’s a member of Magnum K.I., a Winnipeg outfit I was also rather fond of. I had trouble describing Magnum’s sound accurately, and Hearts just takes that difficulty to a new level. It’s like a clash of indie rock, hip hop and some kind of electro punk, only described in some way that would make it sound good, which it is. This is made all the more impressive when you consider Rob constructs all the sounds on his songs from a sampler - if nothing else you should get this EP to hear first hand what a feat this is.

And that’s just on the musical side of things. Vocally, Rob delivers his very personal, often biting, lyrics in a manner that can range from straight-ahead singing to pretty-much rapping, all while managing to create some very catchy tracks. So, while this post may be very tardy, it turns out it is also very topical. Turns out Rob is mere days away from embarking on some Western tour dates, so get familiar with his EP and go see him (with Pip Skid & Dj C0-op) if he’s in your town.