I’m pretty sure I need to find a Kramerica-style intern to help me with my hill endeavours, as I’ve been unable to keep my posting plans organized for a while now. Also, if I had my own Darren, he’d likely be able to tell me that Seinfeld references are going to be lost on the majority of our readership, who were likely in daycare and/or not born when that show was in its heyday. No matter, it simply means I’m criminally late in posting on Adam, the debut full-length from Hamilton MC/Producer Emay, but it’s a post I had to get up at some point.

Why? Well ever since I was introduced to Emay’s work last year, I’ve been convinced he’s an innovative guy making the kind of hip hop more people should hear. Obviously my tardiness in posting on his album isn’t helping his cause at all, but seriously, all the music nerds who think someone like Cadence Weapon is the bee’s knees should also be equally as jazzed over an album like Adam.

Take swirling, sound-collage production with enough knock to satisfy the hip hop heads and mix it with clever, honest lyrics that contain equal parts acerbic observation and pop-culture tweaked braggadocio, and you’ve got what Emay brings to the party on this record. You could, perhaps, take the back-to-back combo of Are The Days, which is a blunt takedown of hipster MC’s (“These dudes getting credit for wearing their hat like this”) and Just aMuk, a boom-bashing examination of life as a lonely, misunderstood kid as a microcosm of this album. But there’s plenty more goodness to be found across the album’s eleven tracks, including well executed features from folks outside the normal hip hop sphere like Ramona Falls, Steffaloo, and Scott Kid.

In the end it seems there was at least one benefit to waiting so long to do this post - I got to re-visit this record and discover again why I’m a fan of Emay’s music. But there’s even better news for you: you get to discover Adam for yourself, gratis, and without any ridiculous blogger guilt over the fact that you should have done it ages ago. So do it! Now!