Three songs, eight minutes. Given those statistics, you’d probably assume It’s Alright was some sort of gritty rebirth for Olenka & The Autumn Lovers. Instead, the new 7″ showcases exactly why the Polish / Canadian chanteuse charms listeners with every note she sings.

The title track swirls with Eastern European influence; strings and the smokey husk of Olenka’s voice set tension, but the melody explodes on the soaring choruses. The song is bold, but completely offset by the gentle, soothing picks of the b-side offerings. More friendly and warm, “Lost and Found” uses soft strings, horns and harmonies to erase the tension and offer pillow like softness before fading nicely into the solitary heartbreak of “Justice.”

Three songs, eight minutes. Given those statistics, it’s remarkable that Olenka does more than most artists do with a full twelve song, sixty minute run time.

This Thursday, Olenka and her band of lovers will be playing a show at The Company House. I’d highly recommend you attend and get there early, as Nick Everett is opening up.