It’s a very dangerous time right now. Obviously, the world is a fucking mess; people are chucking body parts in the Great Lakes, classes are being reduced to the simple determiner of have or have not, the compassion (and unlimited funding) once allotted to green initiatives is now, pardon the pun, little more than a pipe dream.

But the scary part is, when action is needed most, we stagnate. We’ve become a collection of “likes” and shared links or simply retreat to blind optimism. That’s why the latest release from Calgary’s Stalwart Sons couldn’t have come at a better time. The Springsteen meets Canadiana, love letter to Canada has been put on hold, and Stebner and his band offer screamo fueled truth and ask critical questions.

Look, it’s great to love where you live and know the grass ain’t greener, but on Stay Cold, Stalwart Sons rip through nine heavy jams that force you to take off the blinders and remember there’s work to be done. These aren’t blue collar odes to the country we call home or simple admissions of heartbreak. Stay Cold, is born and influenced by the mountains, the lakes and the Canadian people, but the most important aspect is Kevin’s heartfelt desire to make this place better.

Sonically, this effort seems more focused and controlled. Stebner’s voice is deeper and more spirited and the bass lines and drum crashes are locked in. Stay Cool is twenty-seven minutes of power, a collection of of songs that want nothing more than for you to get up, be heard and take action.

Halifax, you can hear this call to action on October 20th @ Gus’ Pub with local teen idols, Cousins.

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MP3:: Stalwart Sons - Hope Chest