Life is a motherfucker. I’m not talking about the #firstworldproblems type nonsense that derails a day. I’m talking about the unfair cards dealt to far too many families.

Today’s a hard day for some of the people in my family. Saying goodbye at this age doesn’t seem possible, and certainly not just. Not when a man has a wife, kids and friends that needs his laugh and compassion. Not when the memories they share are almost as old as we are.

I know I’m projecting, and most of the fantastic dual release Kyp Harness offers to his devoted listeners is dark and traditional, but “Autumn Leaves” feels like a celebration of sorts. I don’t know if it’s of life, of love or just of the moments we all search for, but these four-minutes feel like a sympathetic hug and a message of hope. Days like this are so dark, it’s hard to remember the days when a man’s light beamed like his mega-watt smile. It’s hard to remember “the pleasure’s worth the pain”, but hopefully the good memories win out over this horrible sadness.

R.I.P, Todd. Thinking good thoughts for those that loved you so much.

Kyp Harness recently released two LPs that deserve more words and certainly more time than I’ve given here. He’s as smart and natural a writer as our Nation has to offer. If you have ever swooned to Dylan, Kyp is an artist that can be viewed as a peer, not a disciple. It’s rare to find a singer that sounds timeless, unique and still topical. Kyp manages to do all three, consistently.

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MP3:: Kyp Harness - Autumn Leaves