Here’s a fact about me: I love a good video premiere. I love it even more when it’s for a song that I think is completely fantastic and has an amazing video to boot. Melt from producer Ryan Stinson’s last EP FUTURA is both of those things and then some.

As I said of this song, my favourite on the EP (and likely one of my favourite songs of the year really), in my review: “Melt finds Halifax’s reigning MC champ Ghettosocks shining on a most un-Socks like track, recounting a harrowing, wintery tale of a bullied girl and her response to her tormentors.” The J. Levangie directed video does an amazing job of capturing the vibe of the song, mixing the expected playground bullying scenes with stylized Samurai imagery and stark shots of Stinson working the MPC. As an aside, I would happily pay into a Kickstarter-esque fund if the next collaboration between these two is a remake of Kane’s Mortal Combat which was accompanied by a video that featured Ghettosocks in the Raiden-like uniform he rocks in this video.

I happily agreed to premiere this video before seeing it, but I think it’s really awesome and I’m thrilled to have it on the hill. Kudos to Stinson, G-Socks, J. Levangie and all the kids in the video who also did a great job. Enjoy the video, and grab the really sweet Deluxe Edition of FUTURA from Urbnet on the double.