It’s getting close to Christmas, and all the year-end lists are snuggled in bed with kerchief and caps. All that’s left is awkward high school reunion like gatherings and drunken political discussions with over touchy uncles.

Naturally, I’d expect you to play nothing but Boney M during this next fortnight, but if you need a palette cleanser, I’d whole heartily suggest the new Holiday EP from Newfoundland’s Hey Rosetta!.

A Cup Of Kindness Yet is only four songs, but like so much of the material from the East Coast outfit, the heft of is surprising. The EP kicks into gear with the Paul Simon-inspired “Carry Me Home”, but the band fuses interesting textures to deliver holiday loneliness and quiet reflection. Most importantly, when you hear a song like “The First Snow”, you forget you are listening to a Holiday EP.

So here’s the deal. If you love Hey Rosetta, vinyl, the Holidays and your name isn’t Briggins, just send us your details (herohill AT gmail DOT COM) or leave the pertinent info in the comments section.