This would likely be completely obvious if you’d simply take a peak at the traffic stats for our little site here, but the Ack and I are perhaps the worst source for popular music - popular in the literal sense anyway. Honestly, I have no idea what determines which band or single ends up on the radio these days, other than “13 year old girls enjoy this former reality singing show contestant”. But when you consider that Toronto outfit Teenage Kicks are better than just about any band you’d hear on modern rock radio, you’d think that jams like this one, All Is Not Lost (or See You In Hell), from their new live record would be in constant rotation.

So then, I’ll just go about my business of transforming the hill into a Teenage Kicks fan blog every 3 or 4 months and encourage you to sign up for their Singles Club. Why, well you’ll get some quality goods for free, like the latest offering, No Reason To LIVE, a 10(!) song live EP featuring all the hits, a couple new jams, and a cover of Proud Mary for good measure. For me it’s riff-tastic, hooky rock & roll at its best, so maybe if this release can get some more ears turned their way they’ll get the attention I think they deserve. So do your part, by getting something for free. Seems like a good deal to me.