Making a good performance video isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and it’s made even more challenging when you’re talking about a hip hop song. But it can certainly be done, and this new video from Toronto/Montreal collective Ain’t No Love is a prime example of it. I suppose it certainly helps when you film the video at a sold out show in the band’s hometown (well one of their hometowns in ANL’s case), as this one was, but director Max Sherman does a great job of mixing the pre-show tension/anticipation with the explosion of energy & excitement that was set off when they hit the stage.

We’d posted a video from Ain’t No Love a while ago, so I was somewhat familiar with their sound, but this jam sees their brand of electronic-influenced hip hop (with a lovely Reggae flavour thanks to Saidah C’s confident hook) being taken up another notch. It’s a great track, fun video, and seems to indicate big things might be on the horizon for this foursome.