I was looking for something a little different to post today, and Citizen Sound’s Police State was the winner by a mile. Citizen Sound is otherwise known as Toronto’s Aram Scaram, a DJ, producer and podcaster with an obvious passion for reggae and dub styles.

Now reggae and dub are not commonplace here on the hill, but as I’ve said before, I came of age as a hip hop enthusiast in the early 90′s, when reggae was a regular part of the scene, and as such, I’ve retained a fondness for those sounds.

Plus, this is a rather solid, sultry jam, with plenty of sax & horns, sirens and mixer sound effects serving as the backdrop for vocalist Tréson’s velvety anti-authority stylings. It’s a great change of pace and if you like what you hear, it seems the duo have an album coming out in the spring so keep your ears peeled.