If some mountain-climber-who-plays-an-electric-guitar type A&R dude (word to the GZA) were to come to me and say “Shane, I need a young, up & coming group for airplay on Canadian Urban Radio, stat!”, who would I recommend? Well, my actual answer would be more along the lines of “Who is this & how did you get this number & never call me again”, but were I to answer seriously I’d have include T.O./MTL collective Ain’t No Love. They’ve got everything you need in one group: really good, modern electronic-influenced production that isn’t watered-down, cheesy electro, strong female vocals and two skilled MC’s. I was a big fan of their last video, and this new single from their brand spanking new EP, Tears of Joy, is begging for radio rotation.

So give it a few plays and snatch their EP when it drops. If you’re in New York you can catch them live tomorrow night, and they’ve also got Toronto and Montreal shows lined up before heading to SXSW. Check their show dates for the deets.