I know nothing about Boxed Wine except that I enjoy their name much than I should and they are from New Jersey (about which they say “It’s not as bad of a place as you think”). In general the notion of boxed wine seems to be one of those jokes I find way funnier than everyone else, and these days when I crack wise on wine in tetra pak form, some earnest soul always chimes in with “you can actually get some really great wine in boxes these days!”. Thanks and also relax Miles.

Anyhoo, I also know that the “fun indie party pop” you can hear on Boxed Wine’s new EP Cheap, Fun suited my Friday morning well enough that I busted our Canada-only (or mostly) policy to post them up like legendary New Jersey Net Dwayne Schintzius (RIP). So it’s Boxed Wine for breakfast today, and if you like what you hear, you can check out their soundcloud for a 70′s cover EP & more.