To be fair, this post more about a fantastic Vancouver DIY effort that new material from a great band, but it was the latest Apollo Ghosts single that tipped me off to the whole affair.

It’s no secret that Apollo Ghosts are my favorite band right now. The band puts out punchy guitar ditties, gives 110% on stage and may also be the most charming people on the planet. The fact the band plays music for fun and little else just makes the quality and consistency of their work even more impressive.

The band’s latest record, “Nightwitch”, is part of a local Vancouver 7″ series from the good folks at Kingfisher Bluez. Basically, KB got 12 of Vancouver best DIY outfits (seriously, Korean Gut, Dirty Beaches, Needles//Pins, ROSE MELBERG?) to record a song, pressed some nice one-sided 7″s and for 80 bux you you get a treasure trove of hits.

The complete series lineup is:

  • Apollo Ghosts
  • White Poppy
  • Dirty Beaches
  • Capitol 6
  • B-Lines
  • Dead Ghosts
  • Student Teacher
  • Weed
  • Rose Melberg
  • Korean Gut
  • Love Cuts
  • Needles//Pins

The fact all these bands are willing to be a part of this shows not only the talent and diversity shoehorned into the remote corners of the East Hastings scene, but the sense of community. Apparently, there are only 250 subscriptions, so yeah… order now.

MP3:: Apollo Ghosts - Nightwitch