Watching this video first thing this AM was great for a couple reasons, firstly, there’s something about so relaxing and reassuring about Moka’s whole aura that when I watch any one of his more recent videos, I instantly feel better about the state of hip hop. And second, it reminded me of how much I liked Airport 6 and sent me off to listen to it a couple times for the first time in a while. You should do the same! Well that’s after you enjoy the video for The Tighten Up, one of the album’s stand-out tracks, which features Moka rocking open mic night for a, ahem, rather mature audience and then chilling with some of the hipper members of that group. Is it perhaps a nod to Moka’s own place now in the hip hop strata, does he view himself as an elder statesman at this point? Probably not, but it’s a cool video! Enjoy.