“But there’s so much good hip hop in Canada, why do people listen to this horseshit?!?!” - Me, whining about people who listen to bad rap music.

So yeah, of course no one cares what I think, but it’s not as if I’ve been just saying that without giving you alternatives. Case in point, Pigeon Hole. This duo, also members of Vancouver supergroup Sweatshop Union put out the sort of ideal album I’d love to see people get behind. Innovative production, cheese-free production, quality flows from both MC’s, and an outlook that embraces nostalgia and past struggles, yet still looks forward. I loved it, but did it get the attention it deserved? Likely not.

But never fear my friends, because the Hole have a new album called Chimp Blood coming out on March 5th on Urbnet, so you all have another to chance to not let me down! Have a listen to the latest single from the upcoming record, Champion, with it’s crazy, non-shitty electronic/trap beat and anthemic hook, it’s a very cool track. Plus, check out the video for it, kitties! If I’ve learned anything from the internet of late, it’s that you all love kitties more than Bubbles and Ellen Page combined, so bask in the mesmerizing glory of that kittyfied video below. If that’s not enough, check out the other single from Chimp Blood, the ominous Wolf Pack, which showcases the grimy side of the group. And get that new album!