In most cases, hearing an artist covering an Uncle Tupelo joint is a depressing event. For Ottawa’s Chris Page, the heartfelt nod to the influential band is as much a mantra as a tribute.

The cover has existed in some form or another for years; a treat for fans of the seasoned vet as well as the game changing band. A tip of the cap to artists that influenced and inspired a man that’s grinded out this living for decades.

It’s no secret we’re fans of Chris’ solo work and any of the power popping, speaker blowing bands he’s played in over the years, but even still, this cover seems… right. We’ve watched Chris sweat on stage on a Saturday afternoon, daring the crowd to not pay attention. Covers are not played for impact or attention, but for enjoyment. The Replacements, Uncle Tupelo; Page is as much a fan as he is a peer and his respectful treatment of this simple beauty, proves not only his appreciation but his talent.

The b-side, the softly picked “Hunker Down” is equally as rewarding. There are wrinkles around Page’s eyes and maybe a few grays, but he’s still able to find comfort in slowing down. A few chords put together right, a few extra minutes of golden slumber; these are the simple pleasures we overlook as we get older and realize we’ve got an expiration date and an ever growing list of responsibilities.

These two songs are the exhale we often forget to take.