It’s easy to focus on the legal and label purgatories that have tried to derail the freight train of classic rock riffs better known as Lions in the Street, instead of the huge sound they create.

I get it; selling the story of classic rock without being cliche (fuck, I shoehorned a terrible pun about Exile on Main Street when I reviewed the band’s debut EP) is damn near impossible, especially with all the bands ham-fisting their way around the stoner sounds of the ’70s.

It’s to the point that you cant talk about any new “classic” rock without disclaimers, but when a band writes original jams that can be played on any radio station or juke box in any bar across the country (regardless of what decade the clientele prefers), credit is due. Any back story is little more than unneeded filler.

More than almost any band out there, Lions in the Street write songs that speak for themselves. They aren’t a passing fad or a bunch of dudes trying to swim in the wake of great rock bands like The Sheepdogs. Their denim has been tight for years and their appreciation and dedication to the art form is evident.

I actually feared the band has called it quits and all that would continue on was the band’s rock appreciation twitter feed linking fantastic live cuts and slept on jams from back in the day. Thankfully, On the Lam found a US label and is getting a PR push.

That chance is all this band ever needed.

Lions in the Street deserves the chance to be heard and any of these five cuts (or their back catalog) will win you over and melt your face. Whether by choice or by circumstance, On the Lam is better because of the time the band took the time to get the sound just right. Every note sounds current even though any of the songs could just as easily been written decades ago. These aren’t punches, they are haymakers; the drums pound, the guitars soars, piano twinkles and bass grabs you. These joints don’t just stick to your ribs, they try to punch through them.

Just press play and turn it up as loud as your ears allow. You won’t be sorry.

MP3:: Lions in the Street - All For Your Love