Canadian bred. Sick in my head.

Yes. Just yes, this all day. Head-slap drums. Victorious horns. Bob James cowbell in the mix. Nasty mic skills. Lyrics. This is the kind of hip hop that still puts me in a trance and gets me nodding my old-ass head at my desk.

The Antiheroes debut, This Is FreeDUMB came out of left-field to blow my socks off, and Cloud 9, the newest single from their new album Modern Day Riot (March 25th) is proof that they are picking up right where they left off.

Flex & Sha Prince, the T.O. duo behind the The Antiheroes moniker, sound as hungry as ever, even on this slightly introspective track, and a Rich Kidd feature is always welcome as he adds a chilled, veteran touch to the last verse. MMac produced a lot of the outstanding beats on their last record and he’s back to do 6 or 7 tracks on the new one, including this gem. Grab it now and get Modern Day Riot next month.