I must admit I’m not familiar with The Procussions actual music. I’ve heard the name mentioned plenty of times, usually in fairly reverential terms by underground hip hop enthusiasts. I’ve also heard a number of songs from 1/2 of the group, Mr J. Medeiros (even reviewing him back in aught-seven) and I’m vaguely familiar with the production work of the other member, Stro Elliot, but not their collective work. For that reason, I was interested in hearing this new song from them off their upcoming new album (their first in 7 years), but it also gets an auto listen because it features one of Canada’s most unsung MC heroes, Shad.

Certainly glad I took the time to listen. This is a great, rather introspective track that features each MC ruminating on how they (and we) have gotten to where we are today. The beat is a rugged/smooth head-nodder that features the welcome horn work of J Kyle Gregory, and Shad sounds right at home here. Bring on that new album.