Back, caught you lookin’ for the same thing. It’s a new thing. Check out this I bring.

An epic family vacation and then the work repercussions of said vacation has resulted in a few Naedoo-free weeks here at the hill. Since no one likely realized I was even gone, I figured I’d lead off with the above quote, which no one will recognize. I kid of course, there’s plenty of oldsters out there that likely recognized it right away. But, in a more sensible bit of symmetry, I figured that since I’d been away from the hill for quite a while, it only makes sense to post on someone we haven’t talked about for some time. Luckily, after combing through all the stuff I missed, I discovered new music from T.O./Peg City outfit Grand Analog.

We haven’t seen any newness from Grand Analog since their 2009 release Metropolis Is Burning, but I’ve always been fond of the band’s sound, so discovering they have a new album, Modern Thunder, coming in August was welcome news indeed. While once a bit more experimental in nature, these new songs seen to follow the trend started last album: backing frontman Odario Williams with lush soundscapes that sound hip hop, through and through. Plus, if you get yourself a Saukrates hook, I’m posting your shit regardless. Add in a verse that makes mention of Africville (a bit of Canadian history that even most of us here in Halifax often, shamefully, forget about), and you can colour me impressed with Rap Sheet.

Grand Analog have also released the smooth, throwback-sounding Trip The Light Fantastic which features the delightful Maylee Todd and frequent G.A. collaborator Len Bowen. Based on the quality of these two tracks, I’m thinking Modern Thunder is going to be pretty damn good.