Pardon me for a moment while I get into my television-singing-show-judge guise, but this is a fact: lots of people have voices, but some people just have voices. Basia Bulat is most certainly in that latter category. Pure, and effortlessly emotive, Bulat’s voice seems designed to cut you to the quick every time you hear it.

I loved Tall Tall Shadow, the title track from her upcoming new album the moment I heard it, but watching this video - a live performance of It Can’t Be You at The Art Gallery of Ontario was something else entirely. Watching the striking black & white video and soaking in wave after wave of Basia’s voice, I felt like everyone could hear what I was hearing, even though I was listening to it in my cubicle on crappy earbud headphones. It’s amazing stuff, and another reminder that Tall Tall Shadow (which comes out October 1st on Secret City Records) is going to be a must hear/have.