Who remembers our ambitious plan to post a video from each act on the Polaris Prize short list? Predictably, that initial post is all we’ve managed so far, but never fear, we’re back at it! As it happens, the second artist on the list happens to be the other act that the Ack (remember, he’s the Polaris-affiliated guy around here, not me) has pegged as one of his preferred winners on this year’s short list. And that would be “Canadian-born South African singer/songwriter” Zaki Ibrahim.

We’re posting the video for Go Widdit, because it seems to be the most recent video from Zaki’s Polaris-nominated album Every Opposite, but you can see plenty more vids from Zaki on her youtubes channel. First off, Go Widdit is a fantastic song, and there are plenty more of these throwback, downtempo/house/R&B joints on her record which I found incredibly enjoyable. The video, a colourful, early 90’s, Madonna/Technotronic/Black Box-looking homage to the videos you’d find in regular rotation on X-Tendamix is a perfect fit for the song. Yes, but…

Will it Win?
I hope so. I certainly have no issue with any of the previous Polaris winners, but a win for someone like Zaki Ibrahim would breathe some fresh air into a prize/process that could use it. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my GYBE post, you wonder if someone like Zaki will have enough fans on the Grand Jury to pull off a win. That said, the fact that she has had enough support thus far to make it onto the list not only speaks volumes about the quality of her record, but also means some of those folks could end up on the jury. Here’s hoping, go Zaki go!