Considering we’re less than two weeks away from the start of HPX 2013, I’m guessing you’re all good and fired up for it by now. But let’s stoke that fire anyway with some more new music from an act appearing at this year’s festivus.

Like any good Festival worth its salt, HPX does a great job of sourcing great up & coming sounds, from here and away, to pair with more experienced or well-known acts. Don’t believe me? Check this list of past lineups for name after recognized name of acts that have graced HPX stages - I mean, were you even out of short pants when Arcade Fire played here in 2004? Anyhoo, as an example from this year’s lineup, if you go see Young Galaxy at the Marquee on Saturday, Oct. 26th, one of the openers you’ll see (along with all-caps enthusiasts TOPS and DIANA) is new Halifax trio Aqua Alta.

Of course I’m being more than a little facetious here, as the members of Aqua Alta are not new to the Halifax (and Canadian) music scene, but their collaboration is a recent development. As their bio puts it:

Aqua Alta is a collaboration between Graeme Campbell (sonic magician for Buck 65), Charles Austin (a grizzled veteran of the indie rock wars), and Jenn Grant (a singer and a songwriter). Together, they make undersea dream pop.

That’s a collabo that hits all the right notes for the hill: we’ve been somewhat of a Jenn Grant fan blog for a few years now, we’ve both listened to a crap ton of Buck 65 in our time, and Charles Austin was in the legendary Super Friendz (never mind all his amazing production work since). So we’re all in with the A.A. They’ve just released their second EP and it is indeed dream pop of the highest caliber. Campbell and Austin create lush sonic backdrops that are perfect for Grant’s delicate voice. The no-nonsense 2 opens with Sparse, an instrumental built around Grant’s exquisite coo, but it’s a song like the too-brief Norwegian Jewel, which coaxes delightful dips and inflections out of Grant’s velvety voice before finishing with an instrumental flourish, that shows the potential of this new musical triumvirate.