Remember years ago when I talked about how much I loved Boy Meets World, Gob and a band from Toronto named Topanga? Yeah, it’s awesome, but their dead.

Apparently Disney put the cease and decease on Topanga, and from the long haired ashes comes the Kanye tweet worthy, all caps, PUP. The name is different, but the sound remains the same. The debut LP is loud, brash and full of infectious, scream-alongs. The goal was to make the songs explode like a live show, and that intensity is palatable. This listen is a never ending combination that leaves us with bruised ribs and bloody noses. The riffs are as heavy as cored uranium, but somehow PUP lifts us to the heavens.

With the tsunami sized wave of great, Toronto punk bands blowing up, it’s not a stretch to think PUP will be this year’s METZ. So, get in on the ground floor and watch this great video for “Reservoir.”