I amused myself (and likely only myself) yesterday by writing about Aqua Alta’s upcoming HPX appearance by playing on the notion of them being a new band. Well I enjoyed that, so I figured why keep it going with another Halifax band on the come up: Moon.

Moon is comprised of five friends active in the Halifax music scene (members other projects include Long Weekends, The Stolen Minks, Monomyth) that came together to craft a new sound “informed by German rock of the 1960s and the full spectrum of pop music”. More specifically, krautrock! There are a number of very cool sounds and movements to be influenced by, but very few are as fun to say/type as krautrock is. Also, other influences likely don’t result in a sound as interesting as what you’ll find on Moon’s debut (which, coincidently, or not, considering how many HFX projects he works on, was recorded by Aqua Alta’s Charles Austin).

The grooves are tight and locked in. Vocals are layered over top, looped backwards, pushed into the background, or harmonized. Wispy guitars give way to flute solos. It’s rather different than your average, and I bet it’s cool as hell to hear live. You can do exactly that if you hit Gus’ on Thursday, Oct. 24th as they are first up on the bill for your wacky uncle BA Johnston’s show. Go see ‘em. Failing that, you can buy their debut in cassette form.