I’m just back from a visit with the Ack & his family in Upper Canada (fun fact: many current residents of Upper Canada have no idea that was a thing). It was a great hanging with the Ack and his fam again, tooling around the various areas outside Hamilton, so it only seemed fitting to return to the hill with some Steeltown goodness. Jessy Lanza fits the bill perfectly.

I’ll admit to not knowing anything about this young Hammer-bred singer/songwriter/producer, but I was fairly transfixed by the video for Kathy Lee pretty much right away. The contrast of the airy, R&B jam - a simple affair mixing bass and fingersnap-percussion with shimmery synths and Lanza’s breathy, glittery voice, and the stark, long-lens shots of Blue Collar Hamilton and it’s leather-pantsed hero Jed The Dancing Guy make for a great video. I watched it a number of times and went off in search of more. Everything I could find on the Hyperdub Soundcloud (the London label put out Lanza’s Pull My Hair Back in Spetember) was pretty damn great, so I think it’s safe to say people well beyond Hamilton’s borders will be hearing about Jessy Lanza.