Running a music blog/website in this current timeframe means being constantly blessed & cursed by modern technology and the way it’s enabled every Jane Doe to create their own music and spray it across the internet like so much painfully earnest fertilizer. Yes, we have to deal with countless emails from MC BlazePurp and his new freestyle over some throwaway Drake track, or repeated Linked In requests from that band of English profs finally taking a swing at their music dreams, but there is a bright side. That bright side is being able to connect directly to underground artists making really great music, being able to watch them progress, and helping them along in any small way we can.

One such artist in that category is Saskatoon’s Chris Bridge, aka Virtual Flannel. Chris has always been enthusiastic about the hill, and never let our (my) disorganization/procrastination stop him from sending us his latest work. We’ve covered Chris’ work on the hill before, but I don’t recall being as completely taken in/obsessed with his stuff as I am with the title track from his new EP Window of Time which is out now on Brooklyn’s Paxico records.

Chris suggested to us that he had refined his sound somewhat for this release, and if that’s the case then he’s steered his sound directly into the herohill crawlspace. Window of Time has thick, rumbling drums with a chopped-up, Stylistics-like sample running throughout that gives the whole thing real wistful, throwback vibe. It brought many old favourites to mind, like Ahmad’s Back In The Day for one, so it’s many repeated listens certainly enriched my work day. In fact, all four songs on the EP spent a fair amount of time in my ear canals today, so if you have any interest in hip hop, instrumental or otherwise, I’d give this one a go.