Friday, January 21, 2005


From: Shane
To: Dave Feschuk (Toronto Star Basketball "Columnist")
Date: 2/24/2004

Dear Feschuk,

After discussing the failures of your basketball writing with my colleagues
over and over again during this current NBA campaign, I have decided to
finally share my thoughts with you. The main thought I have is this: like
the man who tortures your every waking moment, Glen Grunwald, you need to
go. Just as Glen has run out of ideas to improve Toronto's NBA franchise,
you have run out of ideas in your attempt to cover said franchise.

You've re-visited the same topics to such an extent that we can conduct a
Raptors Q & A session without your participation:

Q: Does Dave Feschuk like the Raptors roster?
A: No, he certainly doesn't.

Q: Does he think Vince has the heart required to lead the team?
A: Nay.

Q: Does Dave think MLSE chairman Richard Peddie will make the right moves
for the Raps future?
A: He doesn't think it's likely.

Q: Does Feschuk think the Grunwald can right this basketball Titanic headed
straight into the ice?
A: Please, that is laughable.

Q: Does Mr. Feschuk like anything about the Raptors?
A: Chris Bosh, because Beelzebub Grunwald and his minions haven't ruined him
yet. (Although according to a recent column, they're trying!)

I guess it could bring you some measure of satisfaction that your words are
seared into the minds of your readers like they were written on a branding
iron. However, I think the saying "familiarity breeds contempt" applies
here. Your act has gotten old, and not just amongst my clique. A quick
scan of the internet tells me there are a number of fans out there who feel
the same:

"Take a look at the Raptors writer Dave Feschuk...have you read ANY positive
articles from him, ever? "

"Once in a while we find a piece written by someone so out of touch you'd
think they were an NDP strategist. Say hello to Dave Feschuk, former
columnist for the National Post who somehow now writes for the Toronto

These are but a couple of the fans whose feathers you've ruffled with your
columns. That is something you might need to take note of, they are fans -
they watch the games and they know when the team is sucking. They don't
need basketball expert Dave Feschuk to tell them how long and hard they are
sucking and who is responsible for them sucking on a daily basis. If you do
indeed like team sports and are not just filling the time between tennis
tournaments, I would think you'd be aware of the dynamics around rooting for
a team. People want to read interesting (and varied) stories about the
squad they cheer for, not day after day of your conspiracy theories
detailing how they became the laughing stock of the entire sporting world.

I realize it's your job to express your opinion in the things you write and
I respect your right to do so. However, I would think you'd realize that
re-hashing the same opinion in all of your articles would lead to some very
boring reading. So shape up or ship out captain.

Your pal and basketball fan,



Dear Sir:
Thanks for the email.
As I strive, and clearly fail, to write interesting copy every time out, I'd be interested to hear the writers whose work you find interesting.

If you could help out a struggling hack with a list of your hoops-wise Hemingways, I'd be appreciative.


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