Who Are We?

“Am I drunk, or is there no indication of who or what runs/is behind that hero hill site?” -Some Guy


No, my random messageboard friend, you are not intoxicated, well perhaps you might be, this is Nova Scotia after all, and we enjoy that kind of thing. But quite a few re-designs ago we decided to take the “About Us” section off the site, partly out of laziness, but mainly because we wanted the music and reviews to speak for themselves. Well, the time for those high-minded ideals has passed, let’s talk about us! Herohill is the two-man music review & banter strikeforce comprised of Bryan “Ack” Acker and Shane “Naedoo” Nadeau, two long-time friends both born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


All well and good you say, but what’s the deal with the site? Well, in the past decade, both Bryan and Shane have spent some time living away from their hometown (Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Vancouver for Bryan and Toronto for Shane), but now they are both living in Halifax once again and doing their best to shine whatever small cyber-light they have on that city’s fertile music scene. That said, you’d be hard pressed to find another blog that does a more thorough job of covering the independent music scene here in Canada. But herohill’s coverage doesn’t stop at the 49th parallel - if it’s good, there’s a chance you’ll find it on the hill, no matter where it comes from.


Even a brief perusal of the site will quickly reveal the kind of sounds that hit the hill’s musical sweetspot (indie rock, roots, and folk, on down to classic underground hip hop) but Bryan and Shane have always said they’ll listen to anything they are sent, and that philosophy remains intact today. What you won’t find on the site is much negativity as far as music is concerned. Despite their best, often haphazard, efforts, Bryan and Shane still recieve very little compensation for their endevours. Because of that, you aren’t going to find them writing about music they don’t enjoy - there simply isn’t enough time and too much good music, to spend time writing about crap. However, if you are crap, and want to pay herohill to review your album, by all means, get in touch!

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