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Favorites-13:: Mike Feuerstack Tambourine Death Bed

Favorites-13:: Mike Feuerstack Tambourine Death Bed

It’s fitting that Zach Braff is about to successfully complete a kickstarter for Garden State Two: Electric Whimsy-loo as I soak in the new Mike Feuerstack record. For better or for worse, Garden State is now associated with the realization that music (or maybe just The Shins) can change your life. I’ve honestly never felt(…)

Quick Hitters:: Born Ruffians Birthmarks

Truth be told, I gave up on Born Ruffians a few years back. After soaking up the untapped, scrappy potential of Red, Yellow & Blue I was left flat by Say It. The carefree, seemingly spontaneous riffs that drove recklessly from the amps on their debut were a product on youth and the perceived immortality(…)

Reviews:: Cam Penner To Build a Fire

That spark. We all search for it, cradle it and with the gentlest exhales, try to help it grow. For most it’s true love, finding a perfect match for who we are. That feeling is better than any drug, but no matter how many movies, songs or books are written, it’s never described exactly right.(…)

Listen Up:: Doug Hoyer To Be a River

+1. Y.E.S. to this. RT. Look, I have no idea what the cool vernacular is these days, but hot damn kilogram, this new Doug Hoyer song smokes. “To Be a River” starts with Fela-inspired horns, but Hoyer’s goulash is also flavored with influence of David Byrne, world music and a surprising big beat. Hoyer has(…)

Favorites-of ’13:: Jim Guthrie Takes Time

Van Gogh once said that “great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” People often think music is a flash of greatness, a stumbled upon riff or perfect couplet that defines a song, but van Gogh’s observation is usually more apt. It’s also a perfect description of(…)

Record Store Day:: Mike Feuerstack Shadow 7″

Record Store Day is to music fans as Easter is to Christians. Devout believers treat the day with respect; a celebration of faith and passion that is not limited to a mere 24 hours. For most however, it’s the one day you set foot inside the house of worship and feel you’ve done your part.(…)

Listen Up:: Joshua Van Tassel Sneaky Beard

Joshua Van Tassel‘s latest LP - Dream Date - is a collection of snapshots linked only by subconscious themes. As the title indicates, Van Tassel’s songs exist in a dream world but the fictional backdrop is anything but uniform. Dream Date balances escape with denser and deeper melodies and pace is varied constantly. Without question,(…)

Listen Up:: Grounders Along the Line

For a brief moment, “Along the Line” sounds like someone slipped Shuggie a valium or at the very least, like Grounders spent years listening to “Strawberry Letter 23” with the record player spinning just slightly too slow. Almost immediately, the shimmering guitar works is put on hold. Instead of Kush, surf and endless sunshine, you(…)