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Friday Fun:: Goodbye!

Friday Fun:: Goodbye!

Ha, actually, goodbye seems a little melodramatic, so let’s call it more of a “so long for now”. As you may have heard, the Ack and I are putting our beloved Herohill out to pasture. It’s a bitter-sweet decision to be sure, and I encourage you to read the Ack’s post from last week announcing(…)

We Were Lovers - Islands

As we are currently experiencing a reprieve from the full onset of winter with Spring like temperatures in Halifax, I thought it appropriate to post this video from We Were Lovers, which is a beautifully shot homage to days spent outside in blissful, carefree sunshine. It’s also rather topical because this Saskatoon based duo of(…)

Relic - Golden

Relic – Golden

I alluded to this the other day, but regardless of how you view our country’s largest city (as someone who lived there for seven years, I’ve seen both sides of the coin), there’s no denying Toronto’s place as the cultural epicentre for a great many things. One of these things is hip hop, and there’s(…)

Dan-e-o - Worldwide Vapors f. Big Kish & Maestro Fresh Wes

Toronto! Uhhhh, how’s it going? Perhaps you’ve heard, but Canada’s largest city has been having a few “issues” with it’s mayor of late. I sense this is weighing heavily on the shoulders of Hogtown’s denizens, so how about a little something today to remind us all of Toronto the good? How about helping birth Canadian(…)

Jessy Lanza - Kathy Lee

I’m just back from a visit with the Ack & his family in Upper Canada (fun fact: many current residents of Upper Canada have no idea that was a thing). It was a great hanging with the Ack and his fam again, tooling around the various areas outside Hamilton, so it only seemed fitting to(…)

Bloody Diamonds

Bloody Diamonds

Bloody Diamonds have the kind of name that seems to be de rigueur in our current digital music age: one that makes me think they must be some Brooklyn or Sweden-based buzz band every time I hear it. That’s not really the fault of this young Halifax foursome, more a product of the endless PR(…)


OK! HPX is in full swing, so what are you going to see tonight? Certainly there are many great choices, but one of the standouts has to be Wavves at Olympic Hall. Why, well I assume the atmosphere in there will be fairly electric, with the anticipation for the somewhat notorious headliners probably reaching a(…)