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Friday Fun:: The Motorleague - Failsafes

If I’m being honest, this new video from The Motorleague had me onside before I even watched it. I have no idea if the guys in the band are old enough to have played the original Police Quest back in the day, but props to them for including this old favourite in their Abandonware-based video(…)

Polaris Video:: Purity Ring

Time waits for no man (or woman! Get with the times, sayings). It’s certainly not going to wait for me to get my act together enough to fulfil my promise to post a video from all the Polaris Prize shortlisted acts before the gala on September 23rd. So let us push on with a video(…)

Friday Fun:: Billie Dre & The Poor Boys

It’s Labour Day weekend folks. For some, it’s a bittersweet occasion; a long weekend, which is always a yay, but it also serves as sort of an end of summer celebration for most, which is kind of a nay. But that’s all the more reason to send summer out with a bang, and I have(…)

Basia Bulat - It Can’t Be You

Pardon me for a moment while I get into my television-singing-show-judge guise, but this is a fact: lots of people have voices, but some people just have voices. Basia Bulat is most certainly in that latter category. Pure, and effortlessly emotive, Bulat’s voice seems designed to cut you to the quick every time you hear(…)

Polaris Video:: Metric

Yep, we’re back with the latest installment in our series of posts featuring each act on the Polaris Prize. short list. This happens to be a very timely post as there was plenty of Polaris buzz yesterday, when both the list of performers for the gala and the members of the Grand Jury that will(…)

2013 Halifax Pop Explosion Lineup

2013 Halifax Pop Explosion Lineup

I’m assuming you already have your HPX wristband already. Why? You’re clearly a person of discerning taste, considering you are reading the hill - the #1 musical blog type thing read by your favourite Canadian music industry insiders and artists*. Therefore, it’s no stretch to assume you have already made plans to attend one of(…)

Polaris Video:: Zaki Ibrahim

Who remembers our ambitious plan to post a video from each act on the Polaris Prize short list? Predictably, that initial post is all we’ve managed so far, but never fear, we’re back at it! As it happens, the second artist on the list happens to be the other act that the Ack (remember, he’s(…)

Hollerado - So It Goes

I have no smart-alecky intro for this video for So It Goes from Ottawa/MTL outfit Hollerado. It’s great, so I simply hope you’ve already watched it. There’s much more info on the song and video in this article, but the condensed version is that the song was written after the passing of lead singer Menno(…)

Ritchcraft - Swaine

Comparisons. These have been the lifeblood of music bloggers & writers for ages. This is especially true when an act comes out of a somewhat smaller, lesser known geographical area and makes a splash. Each subsequent act to emerge from said area with a sound even remotely similar sound gets tagged as the new so(…)