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Shad + Skratch Bastid - The Spring Up

Unless this is literally your first time on the hill and you’ve ended up here by accident (perhaps looking for this popular classic from yesteryear), I’m going to assume you’re a Canadian music enthusiast, and the mere mention of a collaborative EP from Shad and Skratch Bastid will have you leaving this post behind in(…)

A.A. Wallace - (disambiguation)

I have no idea why, but I find the songs on A.A. Wallace’s debut full length record (disambiguation) strangely comforting. This is a bit odd because despite how catchy and addictive electronic music can be, it isn’t typically what one gravitates to when seeking a dose of auditory comfort. But it’s even more odd in(…)

Wordburglar - Croque Monsieur

Here’s the deal. If you write a very catchy rap song, name it after a delicious french sandwich, film a video for it here in Halifax that is like a somewhat less mustachioed version of Sabotage, I’ll post said video on the hill no questions asked. That’s what we have right here, the new video(…)

Matt Mays - Indio

I’m posting this video for Indio, the most recent single from Matt Mays’ hill-endorsed Coyote for a few reasons. Mainly because I love the song, but only saw the video for the first time the other day, and, despite my complete lack of surfing experience or knowledge, the tropical setting of the video made me(…)

Listen Up:: DL Incognito

The email bio/blurb for DL Incognito’s latest album, Someday is Less Than a Second Away contains the assertion that “some are saying that DL Incognito is one of the best MCs Canada has ever produced”. I agree, in fact, I’m one of the folks who’s been saying it for a while now. So while the(…)

Friday Fun:: The Caravan

I’m posting on the new, self-titled record from Halifax hip hop outfit The Caravan under the Friday Fun banner because moreso than most current albums, hip hop or otherwise, this is an incredibly fun listen. It is also much more than that, but in these extremely misanthropic hip hop times, if you offer me a(…)

Bravestation - Ancient Kids

A few weeks ago I posted some new Bravestation songs with the assertion that “if you head out into the springtime sunshine with the lovely sounds of their new single Somewhere We Belong bouncing around your earholes, I bet you a dollar you’ll feel better about things.” Well now that their new EP IV is(…)

J Shiltz - From The Soul f. Junia-T

In the immortal words of Charles Montgomery Burns: “I know what I hate. And…I don’t hate this”. Not exactly sure why, but I felt like openning the post via that quote. I think it’s because 95% of the hip hop-related submissions we’re getting right now make me feel like ol’ Monty Burns: 1000 years old(…)

Shad + Skratch Bastid - Homie

I actually started this post by writing something along the lines of “we don’t just blindly post anything Shad puts out”, but had to start over once I realized that is pretty much exactly what we do. Oh well, I’m pretty sure that if you’re even remotely familiar with Shad’s canon, you’ll hardly blame us.(…)