Bahamas - Caught Me Thinking

Now I know the Ack has already posted a fine review of Afie Jurvanen’s sophomore record Barchords, but I’d been looking for a reason to post his hat-based video for “Caught Me Thinking.” Well after work today I got caught in a downpour/monsoon that left me in a sour mood, but when I got back [...]

URBNET Certified Vol. 2

You don’t have to tell me, I can tell by the sweet smell of premium Alberta Vodka emanating from your general direction that your Wednesday is dragging. Well, good news! I have a non-alcoholic way (you’re like, “what, no booze? I though you said good news?!?!” haha, Oh you. Your insatiable thirst for liquor will [...]

MAD ONES - Out Of Love

When we got an email pertaining to this new video from TO duo Mad Ones, I have to admit that my brain automatically pictured them as an early 90′s hip hop group signed to Loud Records or some such. No such luck as it turns out, but I wasn’t disappointed, as this geetar & drums [...]

Friday Fun:: Renny Wilson - By and By

As a rule, I pretty much love blissed-out, hypnotic, sax-filled jams, so I was already going to enjoy “By and By”, the new single from Edmonton’s Renny Wilson, but throw in a sexy jeans & gyration-filled, self-shot video, and you can set the Friday Fun meter to 10+++. Renny (aka RenĂ©) Wilson has formerly released [...]

Kalle Mattson - Water Falls

Kalle Mattson – Water Falls

Young roots rocker(s) Kalle Mattson (the guy or band? I thought they were a band before, perhaps not now?) is/are back with a new EP entitled Lives In Between. If the catchy, earnest sounds on display on the first single “Water Falls” are any indication (bonus points as always for the horn-laced outro), Kalle Mattson is moving in a very good direction - regardless of his/their current form. Those in Halifax can catch the band at The Carleton on May 20th, and check the website for other dates.

MP3:: Kalle Mattson - Water Falls
Web:: www.kallemattson.com

Dan Griffin - Yulia (Wolf Parade Cover)

Wednesdays are made for cover songs. At least this is what I’ve heard, or rather, this is the premise I’m concocting to suit the needs of this post. But have a listen to Dan Griffin’s rather solemn, acoustic take on Wolf Parade’s tragic Cosmonaut opus Yulia and you’ll agree it deserved a posting. Griffin, also known as a member of current CDN rock radio faves Arkells, released a rather lovely 5 song solo EP late last year, which you can, and should, grab pour gratis via his website. If you like what you hear, and are in Ontario, you can catch Griffin at a number of dates around the province later this month.

MP3:: Dan Griffin - Yulia (Wolf Parade Cover)
Web:: www.dangriffin.ca

The Slakadeliqs f. Justin Nozuka - Keep Breathing

If you haven’t heard The Slakadeliqs debut album The Other Side of Tomorrow, perhaps you should. This incredibly soulful and genre-bending effort is helmed by Slakah the Beatchild and features an interesting group of folks assisting him. Of all the albums I’ve heard bandied about for Polaris consideration thus far, this is one of the [...]

Muneshine - Lower Level

What’s that, your new single is produced by DITC legend Buckwild and features mad scratched-in Chuck D vocal samples? Well that’s an auto-post around these parts, so have yourself a listen below to “Lower Level”, the first single from TO-based MC/Producer Muneshine’s long-awaited new album There Is Only Today. As I mentioned, it has a [...]


The Internet is sometimes amazing. A Toronto hip hop duo makes a song inspired by a reverred Brazilian artist. Said artist has no idea about the song. A Portuguese graphic artist is inspired to create a wonderful video for the song, and gets a friend in Brazil to inform artist about the song and tape [...]