Joel Plaskett Emergency - You’re Mine

Joel Plaskett has done the impossible. Not only has he carved out a successful career for himself here in Halifax (yes, technically Dartmouth, I know this), something the rest of us find challenging at the best of times, but he’s done it in the most fickle of industries. Music is an uphill battle of a [...]

John K. Samson - When I Write My Master’s Thesis

John K. Samson -  Provincial
Here is an uptempo gem from John K. Samson’s upcoming solo album Provincial (Jan. 24th). Like anything Samson does, this is great, and the album will be great, so it would be great if you bought it.

Sandie Black - Gotta Get Free

Sandie Black - Gotta Get Free
Here’s a fun slice of electro-rock goodness from new T.O. duo Sandie Black. More of these and I think we might be hearing a lot more about them.

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MP3:: Sandie Black - Gotta Get Free
Web:: sandieblack.bandcamp.com

Notes To Self - All of the Above

  This one here seems like a good choice to close out what was a fairly wacky winter week - out here in Halifax at least. The guys from T.O. hip hop outfit Notes To Self sent us their new video a few days ago, and it is pretty much, to use their own description, [...]

Your Samples Our Obsession

  Considering the overall vibe of Halifax isn’t at an all-time high currently (vacant storefronts, more venue closures, more people moving away, faltering economy, endless boondoggles from our municipal “leadership”), it’s nice to have a reminder that there are still plenty of creative people here in the city doing good things. Your Samples Our Obsession, [...]

Favorites-of ’12:: Woodpigeon For Paulo EP

For Paulo, the new EP from Woodpigeon, may have started as a tribute to family road trips and Mark Hamilton’s mandatory musical roots, but there’s more at play here. Hamilton cites touch-points like Fleetwood Mac, Boys Don’t Cry and Iron Butterfly as the inspiration for his melodies, but underneath those lasting nostalgic hues is something [...]

Great Lake Swimmers - Easy Come Easy Go

Great Lake Swimmers - Easy Come Easy Go
Been waiting for a fairly rockin’ new Great Lake Swimmers song? Well there is one now!