Ria Mae - Under Your Skin

Perusing the ECMA results from this past weekend led to an to-too-familiar set of thoughts after reading that Halifax’s Ria Mae won Pop Recording of the year. These thoughts are something like “Uhhh, have we covered Ria Mae on the hill before? Surely we have. I think we have. We’ve meant to, so me must [...]

Wordburglar - Rhyme O’ Clock f. More Or Les

Here’s your new favorite hip hop video, you’re welcome and that was easy. Well perhaps it’s not quite that easy, but take two of the funniest, lyrically nimble and most charismatic MC’s you could find, put them in a visually-pleasing, hijinks-filled video, and I’mma bring back the Parker Lewis reference for you, because you cannot [...]

Wintersleep - Resuscitate

Wintersleep – Resuscitate

I’m not sure there’s a Halifax band that has toured far-er or wide-er in the last 4 or 5 years than Wintersleep. Since 2007′s “Welcome To The Night Sky” led them to some rather impressive acclaim (Juno Award, Letterman appearance, Sir Paul opening slot), it seemed like every other week we were getting a tour [...]

Tor - Glass & Stone

Tor – Glass & Stone

Ever since we heard his rather impressive re-working of Sufjan Stevens’ material into the backing tracks for some of our favorite old school jams, we’ve always had a lot of time for Vancouver-based producer Tor. We’ve posted a couple of his tracks already, but now there’s news that Tor’s proper debut album is on the [...]

Cursed Arrows - Skin Behind The Shroud

Cursed Arrows – Skin Behind The Shroud

Time is a precious commodity these days, and so I’m afraid that records I’d normally like to post on are often getting lost in the shuffle. Case in point: Skin Behind The Shroud, the last release from Halifax-based duo Cursed Arrows. For some reason, I assumed we were caught up with the doings of Halifax-based [...]

4th Pyramid - So Balboa f. Saukrates

4th Pyramid – So Balboa f. Saukrates

Here’s a fact: Saukrates is great. If you’re a Canadian hip hop enthusiast over a certain age, there’s a good chance you have a soft spot in your heart for The Underground Tapes, I know I certainly do. So then, when a song with a Big Soxx feature comes across our cyber desk, I gets an auto-listen. It certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes backed with a Rich Kidd boomer as a backdrop, and this effort from T.O.’s 4th Pyramid does. Sauks provides the bridge as 4th Rocky 3′s the track on the 2nd single from his latest album, The Pyramid Scheme.

MP3:: 4th Pyramid - So Balboa f. Saukrates (prod. by Rich Kidd)
Web:: 4thpyramid.com