Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built

Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built

Oh hey, I know Mondays are super-exciting on their own, but would a new Japandroids track spice yours up a bit? I thought it might. Spoiler alert, it’s loud, and you will sing along. This is off their perfectly named new album, Celebration Rock, which will be out June 5th via Polyvinyl Record Co. (You [...]

Hey Ocean! - Big Blue Wave

Vancouver’s Hey Ocean! play the Seahorse tonight (with Aidan Knight), and if you’re looking to rock out with a cute band you could fill your boots at this show I’m thinking. Just look at this video for Big Blue Wave off their last EP: balloons, kids, young love, happy music times and Shad quietly reading [...]

These Electric Lives - Wicked Game

These Electric Lives – Wicked Game

Sunday nights are made for cover songs! Well this one is I guess, as I’m sharing this Chris Isaak cover from T.O. electronic-rock outfit These Electric Lives. I’ve been a fan of TEL’s for a while, but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about them taking on such a mellow, well-known jam. But they put their own spin on it, as one does when doing a cover, and the results are pretty enjoyable.

MP3:: These Electric Lives - Wicked Game
Web:: www.theseelectriclives.com

The Extremities - Around the Corner f. Ambiton & Relic

The Extremities last record, Mint Condition, was really, really great, and now they’ve got a great video for one of the tracks off the album. Around the Corner, shot in Toronto by Caley MacLennan and Daniel Jardin, features Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester, along with guest MC’s Ambition & Relic out and about in Toronto. [...]

Leisure Gang

Leisure Gang

Hey, going to SXSW?!?!?! Well we’re not, so skip the taco talk Chauncey. But we can still party on this Tuesday afternoon like we’re heading down south, with the assistance of new Sweatshop Union project Leisure Gang. This self-titled single is, like everything SU has done the last couple years, rather raucous and enjoyable, so keep your ear to the ground for the Gang’s debut EP next month. Or catch them at SXSW…I guess…if you’re into that kind of thing.

MP3:: Leisure Gang - Leisure Gang
Web:: leisuregang.bandcamp.com

Modulok - Just Not Cool Anymore

I’m planning to post a review of Modulok’s You Look So Tragic next week, but it’s awesome, so you should go and listen to it right now. You can also get a taste of what longtime hill-fave Modulok has to offer this time out by watching the delightfully malevolent video for Just Not Cool Anymore, [...]

The Antiheroes - This Is FreeDUMB

The Antiheroes –  This Is FreeDUMB

I honestly have no idea where I came across this album from T.O. duo The Antiheroes (although a quick search suggests it was likely via the hard working folks at The Come Up Show). Anyhoo, since I loaded it onto my phone a couple weeks ago, there’s been multiple instances of the shuffle firing up [...]