PS I Love You - Sentimental Dishes

PS I Love You – Sentimental Dishes

Been meaning to post this new song from heralded Kingston, Ontario duo PS I Love You for a few days now. Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson sound better than ever on “Sentimental Dishes”, with Saulnier’s trademark howl giving way to a great instrumental jam-out for the last minute or so of the song. Not really [...]

Jusfrais - Beat That f. Heartz & Markings

Jusfrais – Beat That f. Heartz & Markings

Fact: Tuesday nights are boring. So go ahead and spice yours up with the delightfully raunchy wobble of Toronto (via Halifax) MC/Producer Jufrais’ Beat That (which also features Heartz & Markings). If you like what you hear, grab Jusfrais’ album Lullabies & Other Bedtime Stories, which dropped earlier this year.

MP3:: Jusfrais - Beat That f. Heartz & Markings
Web:: soundcloud.com/jusfrais

Erin Passmore - Downtown

Erin Passmore – Downtown

Erin Passmore is better known for her work with Regina outfit Rah Rah, for whom she’s been known to contribute drums, keys, bass and vocals, but she’s recently released her first solo record: the Downtown EP. The Saskatchewanian ventured east to Montreal last summer, to make this 8 song EP with the assistance of many Montreal musicians, and if the rather rockin’ title track is any indication, it’s worth a listen.

MP3:: Erin Passmore - Downtown
Web:: www.erinpassmore.com

The Belle Comedians - The Weight You Hold

The Belle Comedians – The Weight You Hold

In Halifax and making plans for this evening? Why not hit Michael’s Bar & Grill to check out The Belle Comedians with Rain Over St. Ambrose and Dance Movie? I enjoyed their last EP, and we’ve talked in glowing terms about both ROSA and Dance Movie, so it seems like it would be a great [...]

Bravestation - Signs of the Civilized

Since posting on their debut EP a couple years ago, I’ve been keeping an eager ear to the ground for any new music from this Toronto outfit. Their latest release is a new single, “Signs of the Civilized”, which is intended to bridge the gap until their new album is (hopefully) released later this year. While still recalling dark pop tunes from the 80′s like their previous work, this one has a more dreamy quality, but the vocals still reach out and grab you by the collar.

MP3:: Bravestation - Signs Of The Civilized
Web:: bravestation.bandcamp.com

Jay Mayne - That Man Goes

Here’s another video I enjoy, and one that’s perfect for low-key, late night viewing. It features Halifax (I know, Dartmouth) MC escaping to the abandoned textile factory near Windsor NS to indulge in the things he loves most: skating & chopping trees (that’s smoking the hydro, for those of you, like me, whose weed-related slang [...]

Miracle Fortress - Raw Spectacle

Goodness. Do I know exactly what is going on in this new video for “Raw Spectacle” from Miracle Fortress’ rather amazing Was I The Wave? No, no I do not, but I surmise that Graham Van Pelt, credited awesomely as “Fire Hands”, is on the run from some local thugs, likely due to his, uhhh, [...]

Two Kings In A Cipher - Movin’ On ‘Em

Watching the dunk & errant oopfest that is the NBA All-Star game last night go tme thinking about posting a basketball-related jam for this week’s Old School Monday jam. Well the first one I thought of might confuse most folks, as the song itself isn’t hoops-related at all, but the video for Two Kings In [...]

Friday Fun - Topanga

Guess what, Topanga are not American. Turns out they are from Toronto. Perhaps you already knew that, and why wouldn’t you? For the life of me I don’t know why I assumed these four fine gentlemen were from south of the border (they’ve actually been covered by the Ack on the hill before), perhaps it [...]

Ghettosocks, Muneshine, Timbuktu & Jeff Spec - The Mustard Station (feat. Moka Only)

Dunno about you, but I enjoy this playful, McEnroe-directed video for this classic, can-rap posse cut. And why wouldn’t I? I like all the MC’s featured here: Halifax Legend the Grand Wizard Ghettosocks, Toronto representatives Timbuktu and Muneshine, as well as Vancity’s Jeff Spec (the 4 of whom are reportedly working on a group project [...]