Cadence Weapon - 88

Ever wondered what a Grimes-produced Cadence Weapon track would some like? I suppose you might have done that very thing today, considering she has turned a (another, ha!) very popular blog into Grimes Vs. Bear for the day. Well, the Montreal enigma has graced Rollie with a snapping, hissing electronic backdrop for the throwback-themed 88, and I enjoy the results. You might too.

MP3:: Cadence Weapon - 88
Web:: www.cadenceweaponmusic.com

mikedecline - Calmmunicate

mikedecline – Calmmunicate

Let me say this, if there’s a Juno for “Best Instrumental Hip Hop Album with a Name That Kind of Sounds Like a Word But Isn’t Actually a Word, I Don’t Think”, Vancouver-based producer mikedecline would be a two-time winner by now. I loved his last album, Umbrellatons and after being through it a few [...]

The Michael Parks - Ocean Ranger

We got sent this video from Andy Swan and The Michael Parks a little while ago, but I wanted to get it up today - on the 30th Anniversary of the Ocean Ranger disaster. The video is really well done, featuring a little puppet gent doing what I’m sure a lot of people have done [...]

Zeus - Anything You Want Dear

Ugh, today certainly is taking it’s sweet time passing by isn’t it? Perhaps the throwback rock goodness of Zeus’ “Anything You Want Dear” will give it a healthy kick in the posterior. The gents from Zeus have a new record entitled Busting Visions, coming out March 27th on Arts & Crafts, and the sound of this track has me looking forward to it.

MP3:: Zeus - Anything You Want Dear
Web:: themusicofzeus.com

David Myles - I Will Love You (Acoustic Version)

David Myles – I Will Love You (Acoustic Version)

More Halifax-related Valentine goodness for you! Man, I’m not sure I’ve ever done a Valentine’s Day-related post before, but this is my second of the day. It can’t be helped though, as the excellent David Myles posted this acoustic version of I Will Love You pour gratis and I thought I’d share it. You can also send it along with a Valentine eCard type deal from his site, so if you’re in the VD gift lurch, you can thank Dave Myles for helping you out.

MP3:: David Myles - I Will Love You (Acoustic Version)
Web:: davidmyles.com

Jenn Grant - Baby’s Been Away

It’s Valentines Day on the internet! But what chance does a little schmaltz-filled pseudo-holiday have of making it here on “the web” - the most outwardly cynical and downright hostile place there is? Like any good underdog, Cupid will get by with a little help from his friends. And his friends in this case are [...]

D-Sisive - Ghetto Bastard

Well it seems I’ve arrived at Monday’s end without posting my tradition Old School Hip Hop jam (well, I’d traditionally been doing multi-song OSM posts for years, but for various reasons I’ve recently switched this to one old school jam per Monday. Here’s to new traditions!), but D-Sisive’s going to save my bacon this time around.

D recently got word of his 3rd Juno nomination, for Jonestown 2, along with Classified, Drake, Kardinal, and Swollen Members. Well as you might expect, this called for a celebration, and D celebrated in the studio creating a couple tracks with Muneshine behind the boards. One of those songs is a hijacking of Naughty By Nature’s Ghetto Bastard. Why, you ask? Simple: “Ghetto Bastard is one of my favourite songs of all time. Naughty By Nature is one of my favourite groups.” Works for me.

MP3:: D-Sisive - Ghetto Bastard
WEB:: www.derekchristoff.com

URBNET Certified Volume 1

URBNET Certified Volume 1

I don’t write about compilations much on the hill, but when I do, I prefer they be from Urbnet. Ha, I just most interesting-man-in-the-world’d you, and you didn’t see it coming, so well done me, very current reference there for sure. But seriously, I’ve said this before and I’ll keep on saying it, if you’re [...]

Sneak Peak:: Slow Down, Molasses Remix EP

Sneak Peak:: Slow Down, Molasses Remix EP

With apologies to Frank Yang’s twitter slogan, I think the new fre-EP from Slow Down, Molasses should pique your interest. For anyone unfamiliar with the band the Saskatchewan collective, just know they write songs that hit with the drama and intensity of post-rock, but still offers the tenderness of the music more often played on [...]